Inyanga Lodge


South Africa

Inyanga Safari Lodge

Prepare yourself for close encounters with some of the world's most amazing and dangerous animals, either by open veichle or direct from the pool and bar area. You will get the opportunity to experience the true African spirit.

Inyanga Lodge is situated in the lovely unspoiled bush of Grietjie, in the Greater Kruger Park only 20 minutes from Phalaborwa. Greater Kruger Park means that we are part of the world famous Kruger National Park with no fences between, making animals 100 percent wild, with nearly unlimited bush space. Inyanga is a 3-star Lodge and offers comfortable rooms in Africa design. .

Despite the sound of more than 300 species of birds and over 40 different mammals, the area is peaceful and quiet with great opportunities for close encounters with wild animals. The nearby waterhole is regularly visited by all sorts of wild animals and can be enjoyed from the bar and pool area. The lodge is surrounded by electric fencing to ensure our guests’ safety. There is a large variety of excursions in the area. We offer guided tours to guests or you can drive yourself with the help of a map and directions from reception.

About the Lodge

Inyanga is situated in center of everything with lots of activities in area. The lodge is surrounded by the famous Greater Kruger Park, and fences around by a 2 meter high electric fence to keep the wild life outside for our all safety. We accommodate up to 12 guests at the time. Or special arrangement can be made on big groups. Feel free to e-mail us with your dreams, and we will help you make it reality. Thanks

Inyanga Lodge


2014 special

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Full board

5 Nights

5 Activities

6495 pr person sharing