Here at Inyanga Safari Lodge we offer a large list of activities

Morning / Night Game Drive (Big-5 area)

Early in the morning is one of the best times of the day when you want to spot wild animals. It is still not so hot and the animals are therfore not so lazy yet.

The trip can also be run late in the evening as a Night Game Drive, where we will drive around in the area with spotlights on.

You don`t see so many animals on this trip but we hear all the Bushes sounds in a different way and maybe we are lucky to meet a lion or two.

Afternoon Game Drive (Big-5 area)

Late afternoon we set off on a Game Drive in the area in our open custom maid car to spot the wildlife. One cannot say in advance which animals you might see on this trip. But there is a good chance to see the Big-5. The animals are most active early in the morning or late one the day, just before it is getting dark.

We finish our tour with a sundowner at Olifant River, where we wil enjoy a little refreshment while watching the sun go down and hear the hippoes roar.

African Theatre Show

For those who would like to know a little bit more about the African Culture, this dance troupe is a very good choice. The dancer takes us back in time with their dance shows. We will see and hear some of their traditional tribal dances and songs. We will hear the amazing sound and rhythm they can produce with their drums.

Drumming or Dancing Workshop

This workshop gives you an opportunity to learn something about the African Djemba Drum. We will hear something about the drums history and how it is made, before we will learn to play some African songs on this amazing instrument.

Or if you are more interested in dancing, you can learn to dance some African dances to traditional drumbeats on our dance workshop.

There is also the possibility of combining both workshops, so you can learn to play the drums and dance.

African Evening

Book an African Evening in our Boma. Here we will serve excluded local African dishes and local beers.

During the Dinner, there will be some African entertainment with singing and music on Djemba drums, Mbira and Marimba.

Live Band Entertainment

If you like live music and entertainment, this group is the perfect solution.

They sing different English and African songs and you get a good experience with this kind of relaxing music.

So if you are going to South Africa to celebrate a Birthday or another anniversary day, this group gives you a nice and relaxing entertainment on a specially day.

Activities outside the lodge

During a stay here at Inyanga Safari Lodge, you can experience much more than Safari and Wildlife in the Bush. The area is packed with exciting experiences and sights.

The 2 most famous activities in the area are possible to reach in only an ordinary day trip from the Lodge.

We can arrange the trip with Tour Guide or you can drive there yourself.

Kruger National Park

The park is one of the world`s largest and most organized animal park. The Park covers 21.000 km2. It stretches from the border with Zimbabwe in the north and 350 km south and is approximately 60 km wide. There are registered 147 species, 507 kinds of birds, 50 fish species, 336 types of trees and a lots of flowers and butterflies. Here it is the animals that have all the rights and must not be disturbed or bothered.

On the border of Kruger National Park, but with its own entrance, a number of private wildlife reserves are placed. They are preferably between Phalaborwa and Paul Kruger Gate. ( Balule, Klaserie, Timbavati and Sabi Sands).

The park area is becoming bigger all the time. Agriculture and farms outside the Kruger Park is merges into either new or expansion of old Private parks. Common name for the entire area is Greater Kruger Park.

At the same time the original Kruger Park is being put together with parks in neighboring Mozambique and Zimbabwe for a large animal park across national borders.

Drakensberg Mountain

In the northern part of the wonderful Drakensberg Mountains, west of Kruger National Park, you find Blyde River Canyon. The third largest canyom in the world and the only one who is green. A great gorge which cuts serveral hundred meters down through the mountains and is almost 35 km long. Along the way, there is one breathtaking view points after another. To the north you wil find The Three Rondavels, small round mountain tops. The name comes from the traditional round, thatched huts they once lived in. A little farther south, where the rivers Blyde and Treur converge, you will find Bourke`s Luck Potholes. Here the water has shaped the surrounding landscape of deep potholes. The place is an impressive example og how a mountain landscape can be shaped and polished over the centuries. There is built a few bridges over the gaps, so you can enjoy the beautiful sight. Still a bit to the south is the vantage point Gods Window and Wonder View. From here you can see the Lowland through the last remnants of the gulf. The transition is impressive and in good weather you can see as far as the Kruger National Park and maybe even all the way to Mozambique. North of Graskop you will find the 70 m high Lisbon Falls and not far from there, Berlin Falls. At every vantage point or waterfall, there are plenty of souvenir vendors with carved wooden figures, dishes and jewelry. It is local people who are trying to create an incom.

Activities in Phalaborwa area

Shangaan Tribal Village

Experience the Africa most tourists never see, visit Lulekani, a township on the border of Kruger National Park.
Here lives the Shangaan People. The city is home to both rich and poor Africans.

Accompanied by a guide from the township it is possible to visit the local crisis center for women and children, a witchdoctor, who is still a powerful personality in the Shangaan culture. You will have a touching meeting with the kids in the local kindergarden and you will get a strong impression when you see a traditional African house built of mud and straw and meet the family who live there. You will experience the township social contrasts and see the houses both the rice and the poor live in. You will visit the cemetery and at the end of the tour, you will be able to taste various African specialities.

The tour is a great opportunity to experience the traditional Africa that is slowly being overtaken by the modern lifestyle and to help support the local community in the city.

Olifant River Cruise

On the reclaimed part of the river Olifant River it is possible to go out and sail in a specially built raft in 2 levels. On this charming boat trip we experience bush wildlife from the water side. From the boats second floor you will have a magnificent view over the river and the many hippo`s and crocodiles in the river.

At the same time, tou can study the wildlife on the shore where elephants, buffaloes, impalas, warthogs and many other animals come down to the river to drink. In addition, there is also a fantastic bird life.

Hans Merensky Golf Club

Hans Merensky Golf Club is an exclusive 18-hole course in a beautiful and unusual surroundings.

The track is located in The Valley of the Elephant and bordering the Kruger National Park.

This couse is on the top 20 list of golf courses in South Africa. Here one must not only navigate through difficult terrain, but also keep track of all the wild animals that cross the field.
With living crocodiles and hippos in the ponds and lakes on the fields it is not the place where one is searching for lost balls. It is possible to rent golf equipment at the club.

Activities in Hoedspruit area

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center

Moholoholo is a rehabilitation center for wild animals, which, in one way or another, need help. It may be animals that are injured and need care, or it can be from infants that have been abandoned. Moholoholo takes care of these animals and try as much as possible, to send the animals back into the wild. In cases where it is not possible to return them to the wild, they will keep them on Moholoholo in various cages and enclosures and the animals will be made into a kind of ambassador for their species. These are the animals you will have the opportunity to see on a tour here. Particulary known is their escape artist, Stoffer, a small honey badger who is a champion to break out of its cage. (See also videos on you tube).
Moholoholo also has a number of breeding programs for endangered species, which aims to ensure the species conservation. An exciting experience, even though the animals are caged. At least then you contribute as a guest with the payment of the entrance fee to the centre to keep it going.

Tshukudu Game Reserve

On the road to Hoedspruit, you will find the privately owned Tshukudu Game Reserve. Here it is possible to get an exciting afternoon Game Drive on their 5.000 hectar big-5 area or a Bush Walk.

On Tshukudu you can find all the Big-5 , who is an old hunting term for lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffaloes. The place has a very successful breeding program for lions and leopards and they also has a large population of white rhinos and a few half-tame cheetahs who like to put up for photos.

On the Bush Walk, you will often be accompanied by one of their little lion cubs or the two cheetahs.

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center

South Africans are doing much to protect and preserve the wild animal population and Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) is known worldwide as a pioneer in the conservation of endangered species. We visit this impressive rescue station for endangered, orphaned and injured wild animals.

The center houses among other cheetahs, rhinos, wild dogs, African wild cats, saber antelopes, vultures and many other rare species. You will gain insight into the efforts to protect the endangered species and the chance to get close to the centers residents. Via entrance fee, you help to support this project.

Hot Air Ballooning

Flight in Hot Air Balloon over various nature reserves at the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains is a magical experience that will be etched in your memory. While we enjoy a cup of morning coffee before sunrise, they will fill the huge balloon with hot air and make ready for departure.

After a short brief review of safety on board, we will enjoy the sight of the rising sun. We will alternate in height to find the optimum wind that can carry us across the beautiful landscape. When we catch sight of herds, we turn down the noisy burners so we not will disturb the animals when we go closer. The flight lasts one hour.

The tour is very dependent on weather conditions and canceled frequently.

Elephant Back Safari

This is the ultimate experience of Africa. There is nothing that can compare with the first meeting with the elephants. Their size is overwhelmimg and alone presence makes one humble. This tour starts with that the guide will provide you with, both an informative and entertaining introduction to the elephants and their different personalities and behavior. Then it is time for the elephant riding. Via a specially constructed ramp, guests rises up on their own elephant, of course, conducted by an experienced elephant rider. And then it goes forward at a steady pace. You quickly get used to the gentle rocking motion, while you consider treetops, birds nests and giraffes almost at eye level. On an elephant you are truly a part og nature.

Blyde Dam

Just outside Hoedspruit, lies the artificial lake Blyde Dam. Here you can enjoy the view of the impressive Drakensberg ;ountain and see Blyde River Canyon from a different angle. There is also the opportunity to go out and sail on the pond it self.

The Boat trip takes us past the 200 meter high Kadishi Tufa Falls, which is one of Africas largest active Tufa water falls. On the hillsides there are rain forests and fig trees in thousands and Baobab trees. Here live many kinds of animals. There are over 500 kind of birds in the area and some of them are very rare end and only found here.

Jessica the Hippo

Just outside Hoedspruit you can meet the famous hippo, Jessica. She lost her mother when she was very young, but was ridden by the family she grew up with. Jessica`s childhood and the family`s challenges by having a hippotamus in the house, has become world famous by a series of documentaries on Animal Planet.

It is quite cozy and instructive to visit Jessica. You have the opportunity to serve a bottle of tea for her and maybe get a juicy kiss or two of the hippo`s mule.

Reptile Park

In addition to Moholoholo and Hoedspruit Endangered Speciese Center, there is a corresponding projects in the area for reptiles.

The Park was founded in 1984 and is a care and rehabilitation center for reptiles.

Here, some experienced people will show you some of South African`s most dangerous snakes include Black and Green Mambas, Boomslang, Mozambiquan Spitting Cobra, etc.

The park also features crocodiles, iguanas and reptiles from the rest of the world.

The owner of the park is an experienced expert in reptiles and has appeared in several shows on TV, BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery etc.